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Potato chips are thin potato slices fried until crispy and usually served as a snack, garnish or appetizer. It can be aromatized with salt, spices, and flavors. The chips sector, which constitutes the major part of the ready-made food market, has grown at a CAGR of around 4% in the period of 2010-2017, and the global potato chips market has reached a market value of 28 billion USD. Especially in western countries, it is highly preferred as a snack.

Key Considerations in Potato Chips Production

  • Potatoes are bought from different countries in different seasons.
  • It should be kept at a constant temperature between 40-45 ° F.
  • Size and type are important in potato chips production.
  • In the frying process, it is carried out in a mixture of corn oil, cottonseed oil or vegetable oil.
  • Antioxidizing agents are added to the oil to prevent roughness.
  • The oil must be passed through the daily filtration system to ensure purification.
  • In some cases, potatoes are treated with chemicals such as phosphoric acid, citric acid, hydrochloric acid or calcium chloride to reduce the sugar level and thus improve the color of the product.

How Potato Chips Are Made?

  • Potatoes are cleaned and free of stones and peeled.
  • They are washed with cold water after peeling.
  • They are sliced ​​between potatoes in a thickness of 0.066-0.072 inches (1.7-1.85 mm). A rotary pusher printing machine is used for this slicing process. Different blades are used for different chips shapes.
  • They are washed with cold water for elimination starch.
  • To ensure color balance, slices are immersed in a solution whose pH, hardness and mineral content are adjusted.
  • They are fried in potatoes in fats between 176.6-190.5 ° C.
  • Frying process and salting is done.
  • For flavored potato chips, it is passed through a spice drum.
  • An optical separator is used to separate the burnt slices.
  • Potato chips are transported to the packaging machine and packaging is done beforehand.
  • For the packaging process, the filling is done to prevent the chips from breaking. The nitrogen is necessary for this process.

Potato Chips Production Machines

Cleaning Machine

It provides the potatoes to be cleaned from their soil and dirt automatically.

Peeling Machine

It provides potato peeling. It works with a rotating system, thus saving time.

Conveyor System

It allows the potatoes to be transported to other states. This system is prepared according to the facility layout plan.

Feeding Machine

It ensures that potatoes are sent to the cutting process correctly.

Lifter Conveyor Band

It provides the transmission of potatoes to the cutting machine.

Cutting Machine

It provides slicing of potatoes according to different shapes. Different types of chips can be obtained by changing the blades.

Washing Machine

It is used to remove excess starches in sliced ​​potatoes.

Solution Machine

It is the machine that creates solutions to increase the durability of potato chips.

Frying Machine

It is a machine that fries between 170-190 ° C.

Inspection and Cooling Unit

It is the unit that purifies the burnt products and foreign materials in the potato chips and performs the cooling process.

Dressing Drum

It is used to obtain flavored and sauce chips.

Cooling Conveyor

It is provided to perform the final cooling process of potato chips.

Packing Machine

It ensures that the chips are packed at specified weights and filled with air to prevent them from breaking.

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