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Bread is obtained from heat cooking of flour, water, salt, yeast components. The main event is to make flour into a set dough and to bake the dough in loaves. Mass bread production first started in the late 18th century. With mass bread production, kneading and cooking processes are carried out in a short time.

Quality in Bread Production

All rules regarding food production also apply to commercial bread production. In addition to the texture and taste standards of the appearance, proportions of additives are controlled according to these standards. To ensure quality, taste tests, chemical analyzes and visual observations should be carried out at the facility. Moisture content is very important in bread production. The moisture content of 12% to 14% is sufficient to prevent the growth of bacteria. As the humidity rate of 40% in hot bread, hygiene in the facility is very important.

Bread Making Process In Factory

Mixing Dough and Kneading

Sifted flour is poured into the industrial mixer and mixed with water. The name of this mixture is gluten. Industrial mixers can prepare about 900 kg of dough per hour.

The required amount of yeast and salt are added to the dough and mixing continues. Yeast allows the dough to rise during baking.


Some additives are added to ferment the dough or naturally sourdough is provided. Temperature-controlled rooms are required for this.

Slicing and Molding

Following the fermentation process, the dough is sliced ​​at certain weights. For this, a conveyor belt and a rotating blade are often used.

The piece of bread becomes loaf in the molds.


Raw breads are sent to the oven. The bread that remains in the oven for a certain time and temperature is removed from the oven. The cooking process takes about 30 minutes.

Bread Production Machinery

Bread Slicing Machine

It divides raw bread dough in certain weights.

Spiral Mixer

It provides homogeneous mixing of flour, water, yeast, salt, and other protective materials. Mixing is done in a closed drum and takes an average of 12 minutes.

Rack Oven

It can cook high amounts of bread at the same time because of its fold. Temperature and time are preset. Aluminum trays are used.

Transport Trolley

It ensures that the dough is carried to the slicing and molding stage.

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